Current Turnaround times for USCG License Renewals


My renewal took about 6 weeks and I had one little hick up with my medical that took a few days to resolve with the Doctor who did my physical. My hold up has been my TWIC. I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for that and still nothing. I was told when I submitted it to the TWIC office in Hanpton Va. It would take 3 weeks, I’ve called the main office and they can’t tell me anything other than TSA is backed up, it will be 6-8 weeks. Has anyone had any recent experience with a TWIC renewal/new TWIC?


[QUOTE=benjammin;142592]REC St. Louis MO
Application approved : 7/21/14
Medical Certificate issued: 7/29/14
MMC: Ready to be evaluated PQEB 7/28/14

Wondering how long I should stay patient, or just write my congressman sooner than later?[/QUOTE]

Mine took about 7 weeks from ready to be evaluated PQEB until it was evaluated. I called them at one point in July and they said it takes 35-40 business days for the process. Yes, business days.


Not all professions are as closely regulated as the maritime industry. International and domestic agencies regulate how ships are built, maintained, supported, inspected, crewed and operated. Holding a license or merchant marine document, or MMD, proves that you possess the skills and experience required to be part of a team that operates seagoing vessels.
Having a current license is probably one of the most important ways to further your seagoing career. For each mariner, keeping documents up-to-date is a condition of employment and your personal responsibility.
The process of renewing your documents is not complicated, but it does include several steps that must be meticulously completed. Whether you are obtaining your license or MMD for the first time or upgrading your current MMD, you must provide all of the items listed below.
Licenses and MMDs are only valid for five years. However, mariners have a grace period when applying for renewal - a MMD may be renewed for up to 12 months before and after the current document expires.
It is imperative that you provide evidence that all necessary qualifications have been met before a MMD can be renewed. The U.S. Coast Guard will not begin to process an application until the applicant has submitted a complete package. The following is a list of information you must provide:


Coastal: my new twic was delivered within 3 weeks. Took me 2 weeks to get the appointment, and my facility was booked 2 months out after that one. So I know I was lucky. Next nearest facility to me that had appointments was 6hrs one way. This was in June.

RMA: Thanks. I guess that only puts me about 20 business days in. Looks like should brush off my bar tending shoes for a few weeks…


Just received my MMC, 2 weeks after testing at the REC, 57 Calendar days (40 Business days) after applying


Does anyone has Any info about the REC Centers, which ones are better to test for upgrade to 500/1600 , I hear Miami Sucks, and hear that New Orleans is a lot easy and friendly any info will be appreciated


Seattle is good, but if you don’t give the examiner your name right away he gets very angry for some reason. Other than that and the shity parking, a super place to test!


Boston’s been good to me, have tested 3 times. Great to work, especially for my initial pilotage and all the questions I had.


Baltimore was good. Great people at the testing site and $8 a day parking 2 blocks away if you arrive by 7am

Customs guard at the building was a bit rude on day one but very nice on day two

The REC was the best experience during the license process. NMC could learn a bit from them


Submitted my app to Charleston 7/4 made on 7/22 it was awaiting PQEB, got an email today that PQEB started today. Eager to see how long this takes.


Well mine went to PQEB after nearly two months then NMC requested more info which I immediately submitted via e-mail . Now it’s just playing e-mail tag. You can no longer email your evaluator directly so every email is filtered thorough the NMC which is about 2-5 business day turnaround to get response. Absolutely ridiculous . Still waiting after week and a half of re-submitting info.


Wow. Same thing today, needed more info. I had to call them to ask them to apply my “legacy” time to my current request. Yikes! She said it would be no problem. Guess it was my fault for assuming they would look at my past sea time. Lesson learned I was told to check back in 10 business days.


I always wondered if there was a way to avoid this short of re-submitting ALL of my seatime again?? How frustrating it is when that happens.


Yeah you think when they pull up your Ref# it would have all your legacy info. I had to learn the hard way they only deal with what is immediately infront of them.


[QUOTE=keithboyer;142843]Yeah you think when they pull up your Ref# it would have all your legacy info. I had to learn the hard way they only deal with what is immediately infront of them.[/QUOTE]

Old files are not kept at NMC, they are archived. If you provide it again it will save the time it takes to retrieve a record from the Federal archives/


That’s why I sent all my sea time with my last application, maybe I can save some time that way.


[QUOTE=jdcavo;142860]Old files are not kept at NMC, they are archived. If you provide it again it will save the time it takes to retrieve a record from the Federal archives/[/QUOTE]

This is good to know. Do you have any insight into what files are old, and which ones aren’t? Like how many years or something…or are all files after the application is completed archived?


Yes files are archived after application is processed.


Quick update.

My Congressperson, AND REC both contacted me today…of course! My evaluation is begining, and the congressperson said they would contact REC on my behalf. Luck, coincidence, a little of both? Who knows. I’m a southern WI resident, and REC St. Louis.


Same thing happened to me! Approved to test the next day after waiting for evaluation for a few weeks. Coincidence I am sure.