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Actually they have changed tactics with some success. By teaming with government authorities, as in having them embarked, they have had great success in working against illegal, unreported fishing, a lot of it by Chinese boats. As in illegal drift netting in the Indian Ocean, unpermitted fishing off West Africa, outside quota system fishing boat near Antarctica, etc. in court.

Yes, it’s hard un-air conditioned work in the tropics, and some might say cult like devotion is required. I’m wary of that, but it seems to be people devoted to the marine environment mainly. It’s not of interest for me, but a dear friend has volunteered three times and with her license and seagoing experience, is paid.

I’m open minded about the new tactics of teaming with law enforcement. I’m not open minded about past piratical acts, and they should be avoided. Not a lot to add, but you might take a moment to visit their campaign web pages and see what’s up. It’s not all Whale Wars B.S.


This forum and industry doesn’t portray it… You idiots do! That tv show was the worst thing you could have ever done because it showed how incompetent they are! I don’t give a damn you have a 3 AE, they are morons!


Where did the good Captain earn his bridge reefer service stripes and chest full of medals? Is he a Commodore of the Sea Shepherd fleet? Admiral, perhaps? He would be a shoe-in for a 3rd world dictator.


I’d rather go jump rope with some downed power lines.


I dunno. I’m still waiting for an answer to Slick Cam’s question regarding the European ladies and wether or not they are lookin for friends or like to party. That might impact someone’s decision to join.


this is the sad truth. if SSS has in fact become more professional and less confrontational, Whale Wars has tainted them now permanently as a clown college which no professional would ever want to be a part of. whether they were in fact as incompetent as portrayed or not, the stigma is painted on them that they are. Did SSS give in to the producers of WW to act like they did in the show for ratings or where they really that hideous in the way they operated?

I suspect that they were as horrible as portrayed but when Watson went into hiding the ships were operated more professionally however by that time the damage was done and SSS will never overcome the terrible smell which they will forever exude. A deal with the devil which they are now paying very dearly for.


There has to be some fringe benefits in addition to being chosen to share in the glory of being a part of one of their campaigns. According to their website, no pay, restricted internet, no set rotation, you pay your own travel, no smoking (unless you’re on fire) and to top it off all vegan meals.

hopefully at the very least there would be wild orgies…but with no booze on board probably not too wild.


Wild orgies with unshaven, unwashed, organic, vegan, hippy chicks. That are radical enough to volunteer to be there. I’ll take my chances on land.


Now that you’ve put it that way I think we’ve answered Slick Cam’s question.


Look at it this way … if the real reason members have a problem with the organization is because of past absurdities then maybe injecting a bit more professional blood will improve things even more.

Rather than marginalize them by acting like prima donna mariners we should encourage young, well trained folks looking for a place to start to get onboard and help make things safer and more professional.

No one has ever been made better by being kicked in the balls by everyone who passes by. Just because they worked for an asshole for a while doesn’t mean they are all assholes. Like those bible beater boats, the job isn’t for everyone but that doesn’t mean a trip or two won’t benefit both sides.


Can you imagine the reek of tofu farts on those boats?! Damn! No thanks!


I almost jumped on board with Mercy Ships… at least until they told me I had to pay THEM to work there. That ended all my aspirations of working there. Volunteering is one thing, but paying to work? I don’t think so.


A classmate of mine sailed 2/M for them, its a religious org so he got his travel costs sponsored by his church.


Yeah, not a church goer here. Just wanted to do some good in the world. Ordained minister and licensed officer or not, they didn’t want me if I wasn’t paying them. :confused:


I reckon there aught to be an org for mariners who want to do good. I’ve heard it said several times that Mercy Ships isn’t a good fit for people, even though what they do is amazing. Anyhow there’s tonnes of us who aren’t Christians that still want to do something. I’m thinking about the water-maker for the town of Tobruk, for example. Shouldn’t there be a marine division of EWB? We’d need the navigator and deck types, too, of course: else how will the workshop and the tools get to the places?


Missionary ships can be OK as long as they don’t get you in the missionary position.


A Captain I knew in Singapore did a stint on a Mission Ships, the “Doulos”:

She was “book boat”, spreading the word around the world, run by a German religious society.
She was the oldest passenger ship in international trade in the world by the time she got retired in 2012. (She still exists, but now sitting high and dry on Bintan Island, Indonesia and intended to become a hotel)

He used to be the “life of the party” and a “troubadour”, until he suffered a heart attack and was returned to Norway for detoxification and rehabilitation. He also found Jesus and became a new and better man, joining the Duelos as her Master to repent for his previous wild life.

The only problem was that there were a lot of temptations among the female volunteers on board and he had never been one to withstand temptations. He was asked to leave after a few months.


I don’t know, some of the hippie-dippie left overs (and their younger relatives) I have dated have been a lot of fun…free spirited is, perhaps, a better description.


Speak for yourself. Some of those bible thumper girls have an inner wild child just waiting for a wild rogue of a sailor to unleash. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sounds like someone else has dated a preacher’s daughter