Crewing - Sea Shepherd


Sea Shepherd is looking for some fresh blood, specifically in the engineering department.
I know what you’re thinking - but things are changing for the better and we’re looking to grow the engineering program. We need passionate people who want to make a difference, any level of experience is welcomed. Cadets, licensed engineers, mechanics, QMEDs, and oilers with STCW endorsements benefit from a streamlined application process, and there are various opportunities for rotational positions for the right crew member.
This is a great opportunity for junior engineers and cadets to get hands-on experience.

PM me if you’re interested.

Check out the website [] and the latest campaigns.


…think I’ll spend my Saturday on the porch with a beer watching THIS little fiasco…




Yea, its bound to be spirited.


maybe you know but we don’t…you need to tell us what we are thinking? what are you acknowledging when you say this? that SSS is a clown circus of ridiculous amateurs led by a overinflated bag of gas? if SSS is no longer such an organization, pray tell us how it is now different?

in any event, whatever we might be thinking about your little pirate band, do you still make volunteers sign a pledge to “give their lives” to the mission if asked of them?


Sorry, not going to engage in piracy or other activities that would land a normal merchant mariner in jail.


Or dead.


Sea Shepard would probably be a lot more fun that TAL, but both organizations have a lot in common. They are both run by pirates that don’t pay their crew. Working for TAL is a little less likely to get you dead, or land you in jail.


Its no secret that many active members of this forum share the same ideas you do about Sea Shepherd. I simply acknowledge that if someone formulates their opinions on Sea Shepherd Conservation Society based on what they read here they may have a skewed perspective.
Tactics have changed in the last years. We work closely with regional law enforcement entities and Interpol to combat illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing around the world.
Crew are not required to pledge their lives, that was never a thing. As with all seafaring, we accept a certain level of risk out there.

Now my intention is not to debate the merits of Sea Shepherd with anyone who clearly has well defined beliefs.
If someone is interested but unsure, take it from me. I hold a USCG 3A/E ticket and sailed commercially - is not the piratical clown car it is portrayed as on this forum and in the industry.


I don’t know about that. I can say from having been aboard her that the GEYSIR has got to be one of the dirtiest, most unseaworthy ships I have step foot on. That they used to run her in the winter north Atlantic going to Iceland boggles the mind!


that is BULLSHIT and you know it SIR! the contract a volunteer would be forced to sign says that if in the course of performing the ship’s mission, the master might sacrifice his ship and crew. a deceased crewmember’s survivors would have recourse in the courts in the US for any damage award.


This man is a God.


And expect vessels to be operated in a legal and safe manner while doing so.


A God To whom ?
He is not even a man . He is a television character that puts peoples’ lives in danger for his own personal gain . His antics , and his television show only keeps the price of whale meat high on the scale for the Japanese . If he and his
" organization " , where a real threat , they would have ceased to exist a long time ago . The two need each other like a whore needs a street light .


What do the female mariners in the Sea Shepherd fleet look like? Do they like to party? Asking for a friend…


To himself and his disciples.


Ahmen .


That’s a fine piece of propaganda but it’s untrue and does not reflect our goals.


I happen to know a person who went to Friday Harbor to be interviewed to become a volunteer and this person told me that in no uncertain terms, he was being asked to allow himself to die or be killed without any recourse left to his wife in the event…

obviously this is pretty telling how afraid SSS is being sued and certainly they have been sue up one side and down the other by everyone and their brothers. I just hope they end up being bled white…


A chance to be a real pirate , don’t pass that up guys , might even make a good peg boy