Cooking at Sea


I decided on the top 5 based on the feedback I got from this site, my crewmembers, and my own observations. This is my longest video so far at almost 10 minutes!-


Here’s an easy way to make cookies-


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Watch “Cooking at Sea puts out a good meal in 45 minutes with no prep” on YouTube


New video is up- I make an apple pie in this one


New video is up- Watch “How To Make Easy Beef Stroganoff” on YouTube


I think that Shell Tankers used to do one every Saturday out East.



Officers mess Shell Tanker Ondina.

On every Shell Tanker an Indonesian rice table was served every Sunday. It was the favorite meal of the week. Most of us did not go to breakfast on Sunday morning just be in good shape at noon for that treat. Especially when sailing with Chinese crews, which happened quite often, it was extra good.


Do you have the dough recipe?

Do you use the same recipe for pizza dough?