Cooking at Sea


Temp can’t get above 212 until the water goes away, so you end up stewing instead of browning.


So is Halal/Kosher steak easier because, presumably less fluids?


I would think. But basically patting stuff dry will take care of it.


And dont crowd the pan!


Latent heat of vaporization. . . .


I’m a SA I’ve been on the hitch about 3 months with 3 to go. It’s cool, today my Steward comes to me and tells me he wants me to start doing more stuff in the Galley. That he sees I have talent and take great pride in my work. He wants to start getting me ready to be cook. Today he made egg salad and put it plater with crackers and bang it looked great. He wants me to start coming up with stuff. I need some Ideals with recipes. I would really appreciate any help with this. Lunch is normally 25 to 35 also if I make extra it can go on the salad bar. O one of the things I thought might work is like a black bean salad tell me what you think.


I posted 2 different salads for you in the galley tips thread. Hope they help. One is served hot the other cold. Whenever you triple or quadruple recipes like these, dont do the salt like that. You want to salt to taste. It’s easy to over salt otherwise.


Thank you so much!


New video is up-


Got my copy today… all I can say is Well Done!!


This one turned out pretty good-