Bouchard B-255 USCG Hearing


I should have clarified further, but according to the liability act, the owner had to of been unaware of the issues that led up to the accident and at the same time bouchard is trying to separate their past safety issues and non conformities to the present one.


Morty is worried that his reputation is being irreparably harmed. It should be. Firing people who get sick and cancelling their health insurance. Making others strugle to get their retirement funds after quiting. There are also lots of people who never got reimbursed for training Morty said he would pay for. It’s despicable that he is trying to keep his safety and maintenance record fleetwide from having a bearing on the 255 case.


@jody that’s very interesting as it’s a well known fact he donates big money …does he have connections or friends with big people in the coast guard? or no I would Imange he does but not really sure how it works


Or if anyone has any information on the donations to the coast guard every year


He’s been a trustee of the foundation. Also this:

The event also honored President & CEO of Bouchard Transportation Co., Inc. Morton S. Bouchard III for the shipbuilding company’s support of the Coast Guard Foundation over the last 30 years.

Morton S. Bouchard, III has been a leader in supporting the Coast Guard Foundation’s mission and policies for more than two decades. Serving as a Trustee for the Coast Guard Foundation from 1998 to 2013, Bouchard’s support and leadership has been critical for expansion of the Foundation’s education, morale and relief programs.


Yeah I knew this info but I wonder who his buddies are in the coast guard there’s a reason he donates big money to them


Standard legal manouvering.

Limitation is rarely granted in these days of instant communications and micromanagement by the office. If the facts presented to the court are similar to the testimony presented to the USCG, Bouchard is highly unlikely to get limitation.


It’s also used to try for a more favorable Court and/or Judge.


His reputation is already garbage.