Basic Engineering - What books to read


are there any books you guys would recommend to start learning some basic engineering? perhaps a book that gives some intro to various aspects of marine engineering and not one that focuses only on one component.


Nor sure if this is what you are looking for but I credit these books for passing my 3rd’s exam. Modern Marine Engineer’s Manual, Volume I & II sometimes referred to as “Osbournes”.


Introduction to Marine Engineering by DA Taylor. Really clear drawings and concise, precise text.


Osbourne is good, if not a bit dated. I am sure it has been updated since my editions back from the 70s. I also remember a soft cover book from the Navy that was VERY good to read at first. Can’t seem to find my copy any more. Introduction to Naval Engineering, or similar, if I recall. . .


The Navy Engineman 3rd & 2nd book was very good. I still have my Osborns. Medium and high speed diesels by Henshall. Marine Diesels by Kingsley. Diesel Engineering by Stinson is one of the best.


I see D.A Taylor is available on-line as a pdf.

Ships are large, complex vehicles which must be self-sustaining in their environment for long periods with a high degree of reliability. A ship is the product of two main areas of skill, those of the naval architect and the marine engineer.


I have this one: NAVEDTRA 10541-C1 from 1979. It was in the discard pile at the library. Soft green cover about the size of a phone book. Its not in the best shape: broken spine, a few loose pages, repair attempts in tape, but its all there. I will send it to you if you’d like to have it, @cmakin

I also have an extra copy of DA Taylor’s book, I think its the first edition. Also a library discard, in good shape. If someone wants that one.


Osbournes are great. I believe the updated version are now called hunts. Still called modern marine engineering manual


I see Maine uses Principles of Naval Engineering which is available as a free pdf


That is the one I was thinking of. VERY Good to get the basics, especially of steam. . . .


Great suggestions. It is hard to beat the old Navy training books for machinist mate, engineman, and electrician for someone looking to build a foundation.


get use to math! … most navy books are good but also older equipment manuals where they explain stuff. you have to go back into the 60’s anyway and further for the REAL good ones.