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Exact thinking that causes seven deaths in a confined space entry rescue instead of a single death or a successful rescue.

An emergency is in no way shape or form a license to act unsafely.


And with that link from @Traitor_Yankee, it was clearly a knockout folks. LOL Thank’s for coming to the show, and have a safe voyage home.


That’s not going to happen in the calm conditions and sunny sky perfect weather you claim to have been in.

Quit the BS


Probably a good day to not launch the lifeboat as part of a rescue


Yes, you are.


like everyone else, i am telling you you are out of line. you do not have the knowledge or mental capacity to criticize those that saved your wafi ass.

let us assume he did use his crane to pick a boat up before. for whatever reason he decided not to this time and you are out of line to question him. just because its been done in the past doesn’t mean it was safely possible this time. the ship is his universe and you were just visiting.


So, he is crazy. That explains everything.


That definitely shines a light into the dark hole of his mind. What a freaking whackjob.


Exactly. And even though time has passed, Doug posted that the seas were 3-4 meters during the event. This was a few years ago, so maybe the seas have calmed since then.
As I am “that guy” on shore (when on call) or offshore doing the RA with the Captain I can tell you with confidence that according to your original recollection of the event and weather and sea state, the boat would not have been launched.
PLT (yes)if we had one, but life boat, nope. FRC? FRDC? Mini FRC? Would have to be a hell of a Lee to perform a launch in that sea state, and that vessel didn’t have them.
I have very large crews with a bunch of able bodies to pull this off (when in work mode, not transit) but if we were in transit with only our marine staff aboard, you are talking about a ton of the crew involved.
I read your original post on the other forum from years ago. It contains a lot of subjective and some objective information. Interesting read.
In medicine, and in rescues (especially emergent ones) we often say that it’s best to follow best practices. Theory can kill you.
Your plan with the sea anchor is an example. The plan failed. You went from a piece of smooth yummy cheddar cheese without holes to our famous piece of Swiss cheese in a matter of seconds. The holes were lining up EXTREMELY (used your caps there) quickly. You are lucky you are alive.
Theory is what nearly killed you. It did destroy your boat. Like I said, I read the report, and I read your original posting, and there are things to learn from every rescue at sea. I also believe in how it’s presented that makes all the difference.
I’m glad you are not dead Doug. I’m not sure what you want to hear from this group. Will I use this in my memory bank for my next rescue? Well more than likely I will use the retrieval method of a line/sea anchor situation in the future for some fat to chew on, but the actual rescue (of people) once it went tits up with the anchor, in that sea state, I don’t know. Still wouldn’t launch a life boat.


I have read all this, and stayed quiet. As a USN Offshore Sailing Instructor, retired USN SWO, and licensed MM Officer, I think I can see most sides of this issue.

The AMVER press release, indicates winds of 30kts, with eight-foot swells. The sun may have been shining but those are no conditions for small boat ops.

Seems as though a lot of the damage and problems were due to the sea anchor line going around the bow of the KJ. Why wasn’t it cut by our gallant 6-packer when Triumph was been pulled toward the bow?

I think the Triumph crew should be very grateful to be on dry land, breathing the air and enjoying life. And that Captain should just be quiet and thank the crew, and Captain, that rescued them.


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Seriously? Was enjoying this one as a spectator but seriously? No way no how are they launching lifeboats in that.


God you’re thick. A lifeboat is NOT RESCUE EQUIPMENT. It isn’t there for when “someone needs to be saved”. How many times do we need to tell you that?


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Unless it’s needed in an emergency to evacuate the crew off the vessel, well, yes.


Especially on the last vessel I worked on for more than a few years since it was a free-fall lifeboat.


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Actually they do. The statistics I’m thinking of are quite outdated so the ratio may be different, but a decade or so back a study determined that more firefighters were injured and killed just getting to the emergency.

So they made new procedures to try and reduce that number.

Yeah, those inconvenient procedures again…