Are you professional enough to post on "gCaptain"?


Well I suppose it depends on what end of the dragon you were on for this episode! HAR!


Yep. Among other things.


You said you spent hours in the water shouting commands to the rescue ship. If you were hypothermic and close to death you would have been lethargic. Maybe if you had quit trying to shout orders to the captain and conserved your strength you wouldn’t have ingested so much seawater to vomit?

Many people survive in the sea with PFD for long durations. Some last days alone, in typhoons, threw nights with no ship in sight to buoy their spirits.

You were simply terrified (and rightly so), uncomfortable and that makes you a poor witness to the events around you.


considering now that he has a avatar picture of himself with a shit eating grin, I think he is getting off on all of us repeatedly pointing out what an ignorant weekend warrior he is.
time to lay down the pointy sticks and let this thread die.


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So, how’s the campaign going, there, Doug?


No, but watched the Sherlock trailer on-demand and it was great.


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indeed, this crusade of his is not about the fact that the master did not lower the lifeboat to save his sorry ass from the sea…

instead this is a much larger crusade of his to take on the entire world. he is small therefore feels the underdog who has always been trodden upon. he must fight any battle with all comers to validate himself in his own mind. his life must be a perpetual battle with everybody over everything. an endless war of his own creation for no other purpose than he must be at war always for him to be alive.

what a pathetic individual


I’d vote for satan before i’d vote for you. now you are advertising a book which I am sure is you just bloviating bullshit? the horror! shut the thread down!


Please don’t you conduct yourself like a man Captain.


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now you are copying Donald Trump’s Twitter mannerisms…where is the bottom? SIR!


Got any big endorsements yet?


You are gonna enjoy binging that show one day.


The only reason I continue to reply isn’t for his benefit, it’s because there are a few good lessons professional mariners can take with them. Doug just keeps reminding me of some of them.

The hazards of recovering a boat in a dynamic sea, the proper way to conserve body heat and avoid respiration of dehydrating seawater, what to expect when answering a distress call and the mental state of those in a fearful situation. There are lessons here. Doug is simply our muse.


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Personally I’m just killing time before I can watch this latest episode of GoT again - no life.


How original! Never heard these lines before! You are really on to something!


All those advertisements are really him? I thought it was some of you all making stuff up? Figures. He’s for legalization of all recreational drugs. That explains something right there.