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Read my post moron … you could have bypassed the cooler and maneuvered to the best position to assist in your own rescue. Your own story of the event makes it clear you had a lot of time to jury rig the raw water circuit to enable operating the engine for emergency maneuvering.

It sounds to me like you were more interested in saving your toy boat than saving your wife’s life and you got yourself in a bind and nearly drowned because you didn’t know what you were doing. Still don’t since you keep beating this dead horse hoping someone will agree with you.

Face the facts, you are an idiot who had (has) no business playing with boats, especially with innocent people onboard. After all these years and about a thousand posts telling you you are a lucky idiot you keep blaming the people who saved your sorry ass for your own growing reputation as a moron ashore as well as afloat.


That is NOT the next course of action and that is ABSOLUTELY NOT what they “are for”. Stay off the fucking water if you’re that obtuse.



That looks like a force 6 (maybe pushing 7) so upper 20’s in wind speed and ~10 ft seas. Way, WAY too rough to launch a small boat. (BTW, your attempt to cherry pick pictures that make it look as calm as possible won’t work.)