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[QUOTE=powerabout;192024]why are all Americans on drugs, I thought that was the job of the French?[/QUOTE]

because their drug makers are allowed to bribe and pressure their doctors into putting them on drugs.

When I flew into Singapore, and the steward handed out the notices informing us that the law is death to drug traffickers, I was shocked. I in no way support vigilante killing of addicts that Duerte asks for. At the same time, I feel like there’s not enough recognician and outrage: drug dealers and pharma that spends more money on advertisinsing and being pushy with doctors than they do on research are killing our neighbors. And its a pretty ugly death, too. How can we tolerate this?


[QUOTE=Emrobu;191959]Right. So opiates, barbiturates, amphetamines, and benzodiazepines are perfectly safe when perscribed by a doctor and have no common dangerous side-effects. That’s what I thought. Why did they take cocaine off the list? That used to be a common prescription, too. Oh man, are you still selling that bridge in Brooklyn? I’m very interested.[/QUOTE]

Sorry, I misread the post and thought you were talking about prescription drugs in general, not just those. My bad.


So, page 5 of the CG-719K is where you are supposed to disclose anything identified in NVIC 04-08 as being of concern.

There are 88 items you can check off. If you check one of them off, the medical professional conducting the evaluation is supposed to elaborate by " providing comments on 1) the identified condition, 2) list any limitations caused by the condition, 3) is the condition controlled, 4) approximate date of diagnosis, 5) prognosis, and 6) any additional information about the condition."

I have had counselling for mild depression, did not need medicine, diagnosed to be SADD (Winter in the great white north sucks!!!)

I disclosed this by checking off item #83, “Other psychiatric disease or counseling”.
My GP confirmed he had interviewed me about depression, that I did suffer from SADD, and that I was doing well.

Has not been questioned by the medical review board at the NMC.


Once again I am going to drop a little helpful hint,

Honesty is the best policy. Just know that some medications are going to raise a red flag with the Coast Guard. If the meds you are on are certain psychiatric medications, like sedatives or anti-depressants or anti-psychotics, the CG may or may not give you the green light to work. I am not a physician, so if this is a question for you, your best bet is to sit down with your own physician and review the CG-719k together and if you aren’t clear then contact Coast Guard medical.

Don’t fuck around with this. If you need to, the NMC has a phone number and a chat window where you can contact them anonymously to ask questions.

Years ago I was on such a medication, but I was taken off of it long (at least 120 days) before I made my first application for a credential, well within CG criteria for that time period. That’s because I didn’t need to be on it. If you are currently taking something you think may be a problem, then ask first, before you spend money- only to be rejected later on. Review that 719k for what they require of you.

There are real safety concerns with some of these meds. Read up on some of the bad accidents of late like the SEASTREAK WALL STREET (NY ferry) allision and the COSCO BUSAN allision in SF Bay. Prescription meds played a big part in both. Whether you realize it or not, some prescription meds will interfere with your cognitive abilities just enough to put you in a questionable category, so that is why everyone who is on such meds needs to review with their doctor before making application to the Coast Guard. This is for everyone’s sake- yours, ours and the general public.

If you need the med(s) and do well on them, but the Coast Guard won’t let you sail on them, don’t put the job before your health.

Not everyone who wants to sail, should be sailing. It’s a hard truth, but it’s not one I care to back down from.


This lengthy article by Martek Marine claim that mental health problem among seafarers and offshore workers are more frequent then among the shore based population:
Any comments from those still active in shipping or offshore?


Yeah none of us needed a research survey to tell us that.

The fact of the matter is the world is advancing and the conditions under which we work, especially in the workboat industry barely have. Internet access, square watches, blown crew changes, and the natural volatility of the industry make it less and less attractive to intelligent sane people.


People will write anything to get published. Sure there is some crappy assignments and work can be a drag. What I see is people making money doing something they can tolerate. There are nut jobs at sea and there are nut jobs ashore. Probably a few more nut jobs at sea… but that’s why we like it!


“We’re all here because we’re not all there.”


Could this “missing Sailor” be one of the persons in the statistics?:
He cost a lot anguish and a lot of $$$
Or could there be other reasons why nobody found him in the “engineering space” for 7 days??


When I had to take meds due to a head injury i renewed for continuity only until I was off the meds. Then retested and went back to work.


More statistics that doesn’t look good:
Is this a problem in the US MM as well?? If so, is it talked about??


Are you trying to compete with your hero in composing insulting posts?
In that case you are on the wrong forum. Try Twitter, I believe it is more suited for the purpose.


Because what we will or won’t tolerate doesn’t count.

The $19.4 million the AMA spent last year on “lobbying” buys a lot of tolerance by the only people who can do anything to change the status quo. Big Pharma spent nearly $246 million last year. those numbers are what counts.


Did I get memoryholed again?



Holy chr*** are you running a guessing show here???


I’m all knowing and omnipotent I never guess.


I’m starting to look for an exit strategy but I won’t make half of the money I’m making now unfortunately.

Meeting the impossible demands of the office goons, the CG ready to snap up your license over the smallest accident, and the burden of the mountains of paperwork have made it too stressful.

I have 8 more years on my mortgage. Once my house is paid off I’ll have much more freedom to do something else.


I’m actually considering something similar but the office grind makes me a dick when I’m home in the evenings. I went into this industry for the time off, not the money.


I don’t make a ton of money either believe me, but I want to be able to make my mortgage payments still. The time off was the cherry on top.


ITF is looking for collaborating centres for research into suicides among seafarers: