Another Military Sealift Command thread


If you already have Able Seafarer Deck, ask the first mate to let you sail as an AB. If there is an opening (and there always is), then you’ll work and get paid as an AB. Just keep in mind that when you leave the ship you will revert back to an OS.


I guess with the shutdown, they won’t be processing applications or having new NEO classes.


Does the shutdown affect MSC operations at all? What about NEO and training?


No shut down for those already aboard a ship. NEO and training not sure. No one wants to work if they aren’t being paid. It’ll be a nice vacation for them.

Last time those on vacation lost pay. Not sure what they did for those in the pool. Not sure how that affected relief. When you are working aboard a ship already, stuff like that is not a concern. Pretty selfish thought. Now I feel like as ass.

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Haha thats great Xavier. Entry level positions are open this week!!! Don’t miss out!